In line with our value of being “Fair and Approachable”, we have introduced the position of Ombudsperson in Home Credit India.

Home Credit India Ombuds* Office helps people express concerns, resolve disputes, manage conflicts, and learn more productive ways of communicating. The Ombuds Office at Home Credit India serves as an Independent, Confidential, Neutral, and Informal resource for customers, partners, and employees. The Ombuds Office seeks to promote a fair conflict management system and supports systemic changes to achieve this goal.

*This office uses all three terms— Ombuds, Ombudsperson, and Ombudsman.

Our Role

The Ombuds Office at Home Credit India provides confidential, neutral, independent and informal assistance to customers, employees and partners, who have concerns arising from or affecting their work and relationships with Home Credit India.

We listen to people, offer information about policies and procedures, help people examine options for resolving concerns, accept suggestions and data from individuals who seek a confidential channel for surfacing responsible concerns, and help to work for orderly and responsible systems change.

Home Credit India Ombudsperson is an experienced and trained professional and reports to the Board of Directors.

To function effectively, the Home Credit India Ombuds Office and its staff is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of communications with those who reach to the Ombuds office. Communications with the Home Credit India Ombuds Office are therefore considered confidential and privileged.

Accordingly, Home Credit India Ombudsperson and our staff will not answer questions about people with whom we may have spoken, or disclose an individual’s name or specific issue, with anyone outside of the Ombuds Office, unless during the course of our discussions with the complainant, we are given permission to do so for the purpose of concern resolution. The only exception to this pledge of confidentiality is where the Ombuds determines that there is an imminent risk of serious harm or that in order to investigate the issue in a fair and neutral manner, support of formal channels is required.

The Ombuds Office does not keep permanent records of confidential communications. Permanent records kept by the Office include only statistical information for analyzing and reporting trends and recommendations to the organization for process improvements. All other records are regularly destroyed.

Contact Ombudsperson

If you feel that your concern has not been fairly addressed or has been ignored or we have failed to comply with some of the principles that we commit to, and you wish to escalate the same, you may reach to our Ombudsperson.

  • Email us at:
  • Write a letter addressed to:
    The Ombudsperson,
    Home Credit India Finance Private Limited,
    Infinity Towers, Tower C, 3rd floor, DLF Phase-2, Gurgaon-122002, India
  • Use the online form to escalate your concern. Click here

Ombuds Office is committed to resolve all the concerns within 30 days of it being raised to our office.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. Who is an Ombudsperson?

    An Ombudsperson is a neutral person who can assist in resolving concerns in an informal, confidential and independent manner. The Ombudsperson provides conflict resolution and problem-solving services to the customers and business partners’ of Home Credit India.

  • 2. When can I get in touch with the Ombudsperson?

    If you are a customer or business partner of Home Credit India, you can raise your concern to the Ombudsperson in case you are not happy with the resolution provided or your concern has been ignored or you want total confidentiality for the reported concern.

  • 3. Is there any time limit to approach the Ombudsperson at Home Credit India?

    Ombudsperson can be reached within one year of the occurrence of the Incident or when the Incident was detected by the concerned party.

  • 4. Can I remain anonymous?

    If you wish to remain anonymous, we will work with you to find a way to address your concerns in a way that does not compromise your identity whenever possible. The best way to remain anonymous is contacting us by email or by sending us a written complaint addressed to Ombudsperson at Home Credit India.

  • 5. How can I contact the Ombudsperson at Home Credit India?

    There are various ways to contact the ombudsperson. They can be contacted either by email or letter.

    You can contact the Ombudsperson via:
    • Write an Email to us at
    • Write a letter to us at:
       The Ombudsperson,
       Home Credit India Finance Private Limited,
       Infinity Towers, Tower C, 3rd floor, DLF Phase-2, Gurgaon-122001, India
    • Write on the “Contact us” page on Home Credit India website, by clicking on the recommended place
  • 6. When should I contact the Ombuds Office?

    We encourage you to contact the Ombudsperson ONLY if you feel that you have not been given a justified resolution to your concern or your concern has been ignored by the standard complaint resolution process.

    If you are a customer, as per the standard process you should first raise your concern at or call us on our helpline 1800 - 121 – 6660.

    Similarly, if you are our business partner, as per the standard process, you should first raise the concern at or call at Partner helpline number.

    If you are still not happy with the resolution or you get no resolution within the committed turnaround time, you can then escalate the concern to the Ombudsperson.

  • 7. How can the Ombudsperson help me?

    The purpose of Ombuds office is to provide you with a confidential and safe place to discuss your concerns and to think about various options to effectively resolve them.

    Ombuds office will guide you on communication and conflict resolution skills and provide you information about your rights, responsibilities and available resources so that you are in a better position to help yourself manage the situation.

    Home Credit India Ombudsperson acts as appellate authority for customers and business partners, who want the decision taken by Home Credit India to be reviewed or want a solution to their concerns.

    The decision of the Ombudsperson office shall be binding to all the parties.

  • 8. Will Ombudsperson office keep my identity confidential?

    The identity of the complainant will be kept confidential. It will be disclosed only where strictly necessary, or when there is an overriding need for such disclosure. Any requirement for disclosure will be notified to and its implications discussed with the complainant in advance.

  • 9. Can a complaint be filed by an authorized representative of the complainant?

    Yes. The complainant can be filed by an authorized representative on behalf of the complainant in certain situations where the complainant himself/herself is incapable of raising the same.

    A complaint in Ombudsperson office through a lawyer/advocate is not acceptable

  • 10. What type of cases/concerns will not be supported by the Home Credit India Ombudsperson?

    We will do our best to provide the assistance you need. However, there are some situations in which we will not be able to help you:

    • If the complaint has not been made through the standard complaint redressal process and comes directly to Ombudsperson
    • If the complaint has been made to Ombudsperson later than one year after the cause of action.
    • If the complaint is in regards to the same subject matter which was settled through Ombudsperson in any previous proceedings
    • If the complaint for same subject matter is pending before internal Committee like Disciplinary Committee or any other competent authority or is under resolution within the committed turnaround time.
    • If the complaint is frivolous, vexatious or mala fide in nature
    • If it is pursued without sufficient cause and reasonable diligence
  • 11. Whatever information that I share with Ombudsperson, am I guaranteed confidentiality?

    The Ombudsperson assumes responsibility for the necessary investigation involving various internal/external parties and all the information will be kept confidential unless it is required otherwise to establish a fact.

  • 12. Will the whistle-blower be given feedback on the further procedure of the investigation?

    Wherever legally tenable and possible for the organization to share the information without impacting the ongoing investigation, the ombudsperson may inform the whistle blower of the internal investigator's findings.

  • 13. Within what time shall the Ombudsman dispose of the complaint?

    In case both parties agree for mediation, the Ombudsman shall give his recommendation and close the matter within a max period not exceeding 30 days.

  • 14. What happens when the Ombudsperson provides/recommends a resolution/solution?

    Once the decision is taken, it is communicated to the complainant in written either through email or letter. It is open to the complainant to accept the solution in full and final settlement of his complaint or to reject it.

  • 15. What is to be done by the complainant if the provided resolution/solution set is acceptable to him/her?

    If the solution set is acceptable to the complainant, he is required to confirm the same in written whether through email or letter.

  • 16. Can a complainant seek extension of time for sending his letter of acceptance of the solution set?

    Yes, a complainant can make a written request to the Ombudsperson, for extension of time with the reasons for seeking such extension along with justification if any.

  • 17. Is there any appeal against a decision given by the Ombudsperson?

    If the complaint of the customer is not redressed within 1 month from the lodging of complaint with Company, the customer may appeal to the Regional Office of Reserve Bank of India at following address: General Manager/ Officer-in-Charge, Department of Non-Banking Supervision, Reserve Bank of India, Parliament Street, New Delhi. Landline No.: 011-23714456, 011-23739318, E-mail:

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